Thank you for volunteering

A special thank you to all of you that volunteered to come and pass out candy for our Halloween trick or treating. The children had so much fun and were so proud of all of their goodies. I appreciate you being part of such a fun day. Also, thank you to those that donated candy for the event. You all made our day even more special.

We are now planning for our annual Thanksgiving Feast on November 20th. We are planning to have chicken nuggets with plenty of trimmings. We are talking about thankfulness, prayer and friendship this month as we
prepare for Thanksgiving.

We are so proud of the progress that our children are making. They are learning to get along with others, sharing and living in a community with adults and children outside of family. Their social skills have blossomed. Academically, they have been showing amazing progress. I am so proud of their eagerness to learn new things. The small classes have been beneficial in these areas.

Thank you all for your support as we grow. We strive to better our community one family at a time. I am so proud of the mission that you have provided for us to carry out. We couldn’t do it without you.

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