FPCGP — Small but mighty when it comes to giving!

We may be a small church, but we are mighty generous! Our Christmas projects – the Reverse Advent Offering and “adopting” a family for Christmas – were highly successful due to the generosity of this congregation. We were able to provide all of the gifts requested by the family Brighter Tomorrows identified and if you had a chance to see Carolyn’s office before Monday the 29th, you saw how much was collected during the Reverse Advent Offering for Brighter Tomorrows and the Grand Prairie Food and Clothing Co-op. (She was still able to find her desk and Jakie could see her.) In addition, we collected cash donations of $375 which will be divided equally between Brighter Tomorrows and GP Co-op. Thank you all so much for responding so generously.

The Friendship/Mission team will be looking for more ways to serve our community in 2020. If you would like to be a part of this team, please let me know!

Ann Stevenson

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