Parents Day Out on Christmas vacation

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! PDO has finished the semester and are going on Christmas vacation. Santa came to our party and spoke with every child and had pictures taken. We had a great pizza lunch that even our babies enjoyed (they are toddlers now). We exchanged gifts , made gifts for our parents, and learned about the first Christmas. It as a great day for all. Now we have a couple of weeks to recuperate and enjoy our families and celebrate.

We are hoping for a healthier enrollment for the spring semester. If you have any ideas on advertising our program, please share. They have made us remove our banner and they removed our signs throughout the city. We are at a loss for ideas to advertise and let people know that we are here. I know that there are families that need our services if we could get the word out that we are here.

We prayed with the children for all of our friends and families to be healthy, happy and blessed through the holiday season. We extend those same wished to all of you.

We will see you in January!!!!!

— Linda Stewart, Director

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