PDO March 2021 News

March is here. It came in with rain but we are hoping for more playground days and warmer temperatures. We played outside one day last week and what a wonderful day it was. The children were running, jumping, climbing, swinging and climbing. It was a joyful day.

We had Dr. Seuss Day on the 1st. We did Seuss crafts, read books and learned about rhyming words. We always have fun with his books and related activities. Next will be St. Patrick’s Day with no pinching allowed. Everything will be a green theme that day. Then we are finishing up with “the zoo”. We are learning about the animals in the zoo. This will include activities, games, art, and pretending. We learn many facts about the animals, their diet, habitat, special skills and purpose. We all love animals.

PDO continues low enrollment with hopes of more families. As the pandemic shows signs of getting better, we are hope-ful that people will gain trust in the outside world and are safe to start coming out more and hopefully it will be safe for them to share their children with us. Things have got to get better. I know it will with time.

We hope that all of you are healthy, happy and looking for-ward to our world finding some normalcy in all of this. Thank you for all of your faith in us and bearing with us as we attempt to grow and improve. Your support means so much.

Linda Stewart, Director

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