Pastor Carolyn’s April 2021 Message

For the past several nights, we have slept with our windows open. I love to have fresh air blowing through the house, particularly at night. After months of cold weather, it is so nice to be able to enjoy the warm days and the cool nights of spring without the need for a heater or an air conditioner. And having lived in Texas now for over 10 years, I realize that spring will be short-lived and soon it will be hot again. So, I am going to enjoy the night breezes for as long as I can!

I particularly love the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees. Admittedly, right now they are all the dead leaves from last summer that are still hanging determinedly on the tree branches. But already I see the green fuzz of new leaves starting to appear on the trees, and the little white “popcorn” buds on the Bradford Pear trees showed up just yesterday.

As many of you may know, the word for Spirit (as in the Holy Spirit!) and wind are the same in Biblical Hebrew – “Ruach.” In the beginning, before God created the world, a mighty wind from God (God’s breath) swept over the face of the dark waters. God’s Spirit blew through the chaos, creating light and life.
And that wind, that Holy Spirit, still blows through the chaos of our world. It still blows on us and through us, as God continues to create and love the world. It is a wind of hope, a wind of change, a wind of possibility, a wind of mystery. It can be as powerful as a tornado or as gentle as the evening breeze. I wonder, how will it shape us? Where will it lead us?

For as long as this lovely spring weather lasts, my prayer is that every time you feel the breeze or hear the wind blowing in the trees, you will experience the presence of God’s Spirit. Feel God’s touch. Smell God’s beauty. Hear God’s melody. See God’s power. Taste God’s blessings.

Pastor Carolyn

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