PDO April 2021 News

We are hanging in there and making each day as great as we can. The children are having fun, learning and creating. No matter how many we have or don’t have, we are doing our best to make lasting memories and helping our families have bigger hopes and dreams. We love helping them in their endeavors as young parents and families.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Green Eggs and Ham. We did rhyming words and learned about imagination. We celebrated St. Patrick’ s Day with crafts, green cookies and ‘Green” day. Next we are looking forward to our Easter Egg Hunt on March 31. We will have a pizza party that day as well. The children are all bringing eggs for our party. It should be a memorable day filled with fun, games, pizza and more.

We are still struggling with enrollment and are praying that this pandemic is going to end and our community will be able to feel safe enough to bring their children out soon. I truly believe that time will be all that it takes to get things back on track. I am so proud of our families and staff for being so health conscious and cooperating with our rules and suggestions. It has really paid off for us. We have had nobody contract the virus here. I contribute it to the diligence of everyone.

Linda Stewart, Director

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