PDO getting ready for August

We are just a few days away from summer vacation. It has been an unforgettable year in both good and bad ways. Our parents have been very cooperative and followed rules so well. We have had very little illness and I contribute that to their cooperation and diligence. Our children are accustomed to washing hands several times per day. I believe this has really been good to create healthy hygiene habits that will carry over for a lifetime.

Enrollment has been so low this year but I am hopeful that it is going to pick up for August. I think people are feeling more at ease with vaccinations and time. I have had a few calls and our parents are spreading the word for us. I have enrolled 3 new students for August and all of our students will be returning. I feel encouraged that things will get better from here.

I will continue to be in and out of the office this summer, answering calls, recruiting, and getting things together and ready for August. I am always looking for ideas about advertising and getting the word out about our program. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know. We will be asking for help with signs in August again. The city of Grand Prairie will not allow us to put them at intersections or roadways but will allow us to put them in yards or businesses. If you have a business or if your neighborhood has children that might be a good place to advertise, we would appreciate it if you could put a sign in the yard.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and please pray for children to come and be a part of our unique program. We hope and pray for health, happiness and prosperity for each of you. Enjoy your spring/summer. Each day is a blessing.

Linda Stewart

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